Friday, February 5, 2016

A box for Serial Selfies, Winter 2015

     A  heavy snow day is a good time to update a blog. This week I entered a show entitled Unconventional Means at the Cambridge Art Association with an unconventional presentation, Serial Selfies, Winter 2015.

Top of box...painting fitted

     I entered 14 self portraits from last winter in a glass-topped box found at Michael's. The price was right and the box is a good storage place to store all those paintings from last year on card and canvas board.

     Of course, things don't always go as planned. In framing the lid underside, I broke the glass on two boxes and gave up on a glass finish. Who wants glass on oils, anyway!  In the second photo, you can see the tiny dowel framing around the top piece (to hold the painting in place wo glass). In the third photo, you'll see the tiny lattice work frame around the underside piece, secured to the top. Twelve loose flat portraits are stacked within. There is room for more!

      My blurb for the show:
During the deep snow winter of 2015, getting back to painting after ten years of art quilting, for lack of a model, I painted myself multiple times. The stacks of portraits on card and canvas board shuffling in the studio did not seem to want separate frames. Where would I put them? Then I found this box to house the flat works —the perfect unconventional frame, like the photo file on an iPhone, where the series can be presented, handled and viewed easily.

Box opened showing painting under lid and stack of 12 inside



  1. Linda, this is such a unique way to present these paintings! You have been wonderfully productive in finishing all of these, and most definitely, they deserve to be housed together! This was a brilliant and creative way to enter these paintings in this show!
    P.S. All of them are so well-done!!! Congratulations!!!!

  2. I just went to the basement to see what I had in still life, interior, landscape, portraits of others on card and canvas board to see what other boxes I could fill. Joe often gave me the backs of his legal pads to gesso for experiments. I love that size for quick oils.

  3. Love all your self portraits. Miss seeing you!

  4. I enjoyed watching you collect all your selfies. Each one different. The box is perfect. Who'd have thought...

  5. A master of creativity - that's what you are. I'm always excited to see what you create, always something unique and clever and interesting.

  6. Hi,
    Went to see your artwork yesterday. Loved the whole idea, and recognized some of those selfies. It's also interesting because you have to touch it which is contrary to the usual art rules. Great work! KB