Monday, September 22, 2014

Family Stars

     Before my baby brother Steve and wife Lynn arrived from Texas, I needed to make our house habitable. I found lots of treasures. One was unused fabric from The City Quilter showing the constellations in NYC's Grand Central ceiling. I took off an afternoon to make sausage pillowcases. I made three regular size pillowcases which fit perfectly across the top of a king size bed welcoming one to heavenly sleep. Not only do I LOVE homemade pillow cases, but I have three grandchildren that might enjoy them on sleepovers. Also, the stars remind me of my Amarillo reunion in NYC where one day we toured the Grand Central. I love reunions.

      I have blogged on these pillowcases before, but I still made mistakes after watching two excellent YouTube tutorials and taking notes.Never give up! I cut the body of the fabric 23 or 24 inches by whatever the width of the fabric is (approximately 45"). I cut the accent strip 2 inches by the width of the fabric. The cuff is cut 12 or 13 inches x 45. Google "sausage pillow cases" or click on these links
Note how rested Steve and Lynn look!

        Last summer their children came from Texas and I sketched them on the Summer Shack paper table cloths. Lynn reminded me of other sketches I had made with Alan: See my blog archives, March 23 2010, August 6, 2013. This month and last year went by fast!



  1. Those pillow cases are really pretty! That is such a nice touch for guests! I will have to remember that! Quilting fabrics are so luscious, much nicer than "bought" pillowcases. Yes, Steve and Lynn do look rested and wonderful. Love the other pictures, too.

  2. What a great time, and what a great hostess. I love starry pillowcases. Sounds like something I could do--if only I still owned a sewing machine.

  3. Super pillowcases! Love the design! What a perfect way to welcome guests!

  4. The pillowcases are great! Wonderful way to welcome guests.

  5. I loved this entry. Made me homesick, somehow. Your family is so lucky to have such wonderful, "concrete" memories.
    Love U

  6. What fun --- and I know it was!!! And IS!