Friday, May 2, 2014

Spring Break in April

   THE SUN IS OUT! In April I wanted to get to NYC to see the Degenerates Show at the Neue Galerie. The lines were long, but I found it helpful to get there ten minutes before the museum opened. I once made an oil painting of Hitler's Degenerate Artists. Hitler put up one show of art he had preferred, but more people attended the other show of artists' work he ridiculed. Here is my painting, containing names of some of the 125 artists censored by the Nazis and others from the Renaissance up to the present who have been subjected to public censorship. Click on photos to enlarge.

    I returned to NYC the next week to meet elementary school friends who were in the area to see Ann's grandchild in a musical. I took those bracelets and NYC quilt birthday card I showed last month.  One bracelet was way too big...but it feels good to make something to gift when you gather with old pals. I enjoyed playing with photos and videos one point making a video with my iPhone of the slideshow and music on my computer. I used Comic Life software to collage photos.

    Easter was next when Joe and David tied the eggs on the tree. After setting our casual table, Joe and I made string eggs we saw at Ben Franklin. We blew up balloons and wound string around. We anchored string by painting all over with a watery white glue called Stiffy. After we hung these to dry overnight, we hid dyed eggs, burst the balloons and draped the string shapes on the lights. It was fun to be kids, but may not do that craft again :*))

     I made up 8 blocks for Katie's Project Hope Quilt and painted (sample) and stitched in the plain areas. I used Jaquard fabric paints and small brushes.  I also created a challenge quilt with strips, cutting casually, called "Where oh Where oh Where is Spring." Here is an earlier photo. I have since free-motion stitched the title in the top row and am still working on this. This quilt will be interactive.

     The Journal Quilt Connection is getting excited about the QC quilt show May 30 to June 1. Hope to have photos soon. This is too much for one post so I am off to bed! Thanks for looking and come to the show!

Elana's Winter
Click video link QC quilt show above


  1. Having fun all the time! That's Linda and Joe.
    Thanks for the string eggs story. I remember making them once with Cub Scouts. It was a long week with a room full of mess before the boys came back to burst the balloons. It makes me smile now.

    1. Trilla! I can just imagine the mess. As I said, we probably won't do that craft again. Joe was much better at it than I, but I can hardly make myself take them down!

  2. TrillA said it well--fun all the time, that's Linda and Joe. I love this capsule account of your recent doings, filled with fun with friends and grandkids and your creativity. Great job of summing of the past few weeks!

  3. Better to be ridiculed than to lack the courage to do what you want!

  4. I am aching inside that I couldn't go to see Ann's beautiful granddaughter perform, but thanks to you, I at least get to share some of it. I don't see how you do so much so well...Talent plus energy plus intelligence equals my Linda. Thanks for sharing--Love U

  5. Loved the quilts. Loved the photos. Especially, of the family with the bunny ears. Your Easter cake was gorg. David and Joe hanging eggs...priceless.