Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to School Portrait

     Summer vanished. People came and went; and people returned to stay. In the meantime I had to pay for summers as a teen, playing golf and swimming in sunny Texas without using the lifeguard's zinc protection on the nose. It was the 50's, of course, minus the vast information about sunscreen protection we have today.
Click to enlarge.
      So this August I had some Mohs minimal surgery to make repairs, to stem possible damage to my nose. The reason I sewed the experience is that I have a quilt challenge topic of "GREEN" from an art quilt group, Material Mavens. All I could think of was money and grass, but nothing personal. I usually like an emotional connection, as in a journal notation, to create a piece of art. When I hit the surgeon's office, there were GREEN SCRUBS all around with purple accessories. I was excited to finally have a topic! 

       I have used this excellent surgeon in the past. But before beauty there are some ghastly appearances such as swollen jowls and purples. I won't show the big bandages that I craft out of brown tape every morn to cover the wounds. I had neat stitches down one side and a circle to heal by itself on the other. If I added the tape you couldn't see what I am illustrating. I believe in humor to deal with most problems.

        When Material Mavens post GREEN quilts on September 15, I will have more details on the crafting of the piece, and I just thought of some additional graphics to add to this 12" x 12" quilt.


  1. Love your green journal.....perfect nose story. Very clever and funny too. RBR

  2. Very lovely green quilt. K B-B

  3. Excellent description of your malady. So disciplined in your care. The quilt reflects your sense of humor. I always complain. You have a sense of humor, but you don't complain.

  4. Humor does get us through! I love this journal quilt and think it is one of your best yet! DJ

  5. love the portrait! --Susan

  6. Linda,

    Your Blogs are amazing......make me smile. How creative and resourceful you are. Keep sending them to me.


  7. What a clever quilt! I will save most of my comments for when you post it on the MM blog, but after restraining myself for quite awhile, this morning I visited, and I really enjoyed this quilt. I love the photo of Linda in the 50s, too!