Saturday, June 8, 2013

Corralling kids with crafts

     A long rainy weekend sitting three youngsters meant clearing quilting goodies which have taken over the extra bedrooms. Joe took them to see their new empty house where they romped and found nooks and hiding places. He stopped off at Ben Franklin for fill-in crafts. We watched A Dog of Flanders, wonderful movie with a Rubens connection.

      The girls seem to love their portraits. Joe had made and painted 2 1/2" deep frames. They got busy with their bracelet makers:  a Rainbow Loom that uses rubber bands and a Native American bead loom. David zoomed his airplane but joined the girls for a painting session. Joe took them to the park and to feed the bird next door. Tonight we have a pizza candlelight dinner on the deck : o )

       I chose to string the Native American bead loom for Hannah. There is a certain brand of children's toys/crafts that is annoying for using inadequate materials. However, it was a good lesson in teaching that artists never give up. Not only was the enclosed string knotted up, but the bead loom was braced only by lots of scotch tape. I persisted. Hannah had fun weaving a bead bracelet and taught Erika as well. Erika made the rubber band bracelets on the Rainbow Loom. You can see that Hannah has quite a collection of those rainbow bracelets as well, if you click on the photo to enlarge.

        Then off to the studio. There I accidentally came upon old T-shirts Joe had saved for me to cut up into oil painting wipe rags. They made super comfy smocks. I have always been a sucker for cute little artist smocks but the children love these best. I turned them loose with my acrylics from the Klimt kit, a tube of gold paint,  good brushes, and three canvases each. Hannah and Erika also painted wooden book boxes. I can almost stand up straight. Only one more day and they visit their new schools before returning home to pack.

 P. S. A super painter's tip is find large disposable bed pads and lay the waterproof blue side on the table or across the lap. They  keep the surface clean or waterproof and brushes can be wiped on the white absorbant side! One served three children working at this table in the studio.


  1. What fun things for them to do on a rainy day! Thanks, Super Creative Grandmother & Granddad!!!

  2. Kudos to you and Joe for keeping the grands happy and productive. Enthusiasm goes a long way! Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!

  3. wow Linda. You continue to amaze me! Keep sending me your blogs -love Lynn

  4. Linda, all of this sounds like so much fun. In an email, could you share the brand to avoid in crafting kits, as I would likely not be as creative about making a faulty product work. What great suggestions about the t-shirts for smocks and those big adult diapers for protective surfaces for tables etc.!!! I plan to have my grandkids do some painting at our house in August, and I will remember that tip! As usual, a great post and super fun photos to peruse!

  5. Well, I personally think these are wonderful. As I've said before, lucky, lucky kids.
    Oh, also an idea you will like...I buy the large or extra large bed pads to use instead of diapers. They lie flat and are just excellent for all kinds of things. If you expect (or fear) large spills, put one face down and another on top of it face up. Magic help, for sure!!! They're in the same section as diapers, are less expensive, and much easier to use.
    Love you and appreciate your including me in your postings!

    1. Thanks Ruth Ann for correcting me! I didn't know what they are called since I have been given a huge pile and never have bought the bed pads. They are so useful for painting out of doors where I put them on my lap under my lap easel and they protect my jeans from paint, and I can't wipe my brushes. They certainly did not look like diapers which I had heard them called. These are flat! Now I know where to find them when I run out.

  6. I learned so much reading this and enjoying these pictures...but then I seem to learn something special every time I read your blog. Thanks, FRIEND. ss

  7. Love the large diaper and bed pad suggestion--my family's naturally messy--this is great.

    And I love the rubber band bracelets. My fingers are itching to make, make, make.

  8. The pictures are priceless as usual. I love the one where Erika is leaning in to watch or is she receiving instruction from Hannah? I look forward to seeing the grandchildren's paintings.

  9. I am overwhelmed...Your talent is endless and fills me with joy and awe.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Ruth Anne