Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mixing Media in Boston and NYC

    One day last week in NYC, Joe and I enjoyed the Chelsea Gallery area. The week before, at the MFA in Boston, I had seen fabric with stitching in the Blue and White show and hand sewing on paintings near the cafeteria area. How nice that my two loves, painting and stitching are showing up on museum walls, thanks to PostModernism when the art world opened up to appreciate many media!

     SEW again we saw the mix in NYC galleries.

     The Benny Andrews retrospective was my favorite show of huge paintings. collaged with clothing, fabric, wood and paint. A catalog is coming out, but most museums and galleries allowed photos.
      Our last gallery stop had stitched and painted fabric as well.

      I can't show everything we encountered. I did find very amusing the large paintings someone made of glimpses through his neighbors' windows. I am not sure they approved. Here is a painted tree memorial that I appreciated. Paint on photos were delightful as well.

      Of course there is always art on the street. Twice we saw young ladies dressed as baby dolls, posing, walking on the streets, riding the subways. They said they were just "hanging out."  The stuffed donuts were on the walls at Donut Planet. Four-year-old David wanted to know how donuts got into outer space. Please click on these photos I took in NYC to enlarge!


  1. Linda these are wonderful...wish I could travel with you. Rita

  2. What a treat - especially the donuts. The man with the boy in his hat or hair - interesting. The tree - puzzling.

  3. I always enjoy hearing about / seeing the adventures of your trips to NYC. This trip did not disappoint :). ss

  4. Loved seeing these pictures. I feel as though I have been there. Thanks! I particularly like the one of the head/face with the stitches as they seem to be unraveling.

  5. Linda, thank you so very much for sharing these photos! Just a small sampling of the wonders you saw in your recent visit. The combination of painting and stitching is so much a part of my own life right now, after attending the Katie PM workshop at QA in New Braunfels. These works you have put up here, though, are amazing and you chose an excellent sampling! WHAT a good post!

  6. Thanks always for your fun messages. Lynd

  7. Loved your blog. Thanks for being such a great class agent! You us keep us all interested and I still have not met anyone more creative than you!
    Thanks for all you do

  8. You continue to amaze me, just as you've always done.
    Thanks for sharing...Love U dearly,