Friday, April 19, 2013

Frazzled in Boston. Giving is good.

     With all that is happening in Boston, I haven't gotten off my blog this week. I 've made quilt blocks for Project Hope, started a baby quilt, several journal quilts and Hannah's soft birthday card. I am going to take a break to post something easy.

      Over the Passover/Easter week I was cooking challenged. When I heard neighbor Jeff bragging on his son's matzo ball soup, I said I would give fifteen-year-old Lloyd the 16" x 20" painting I had made of him as a youngster if he would provide my guests with his "award-winning" soup. The next day, young Lloyd appeared with his culinary art for 8 people in a big silver kettle and we loved it. Particular Hannah said it was the best she ever had. I am not yet pleased with the journal quilt I created on the subject, but here is the "unfinished" painting that Lloyd took home.There is a baseball carved in the paint in the clouds above his head. Lloyd had a cello before he was five, or four.  He and his dad LOVE baseball. His mother, an accomplished cellist, is on his shoulder in the painting.

     I ran across another painting in iPhoto, canvas stretched on cut-out wood, light bulbs and rullers attached,  which I made and gave to the dean of my art school when she wrote a recommendation for me. Seeing this snapshot of the painting made me want to get back to fun of crafting in painting.The title is "Those Who Do What is True, Come to the Light." Click to enlarge the photos.

I haven't gotten Hannah's present to her but it will soon be on the way!


  1. Love Lloyd's picture. I think I love Lloyd. I know I'd love to have his recipe!

    Please, please, please! Back to painting. Your work (hate to use that word) is a delight!

    I'm impressed you are doing this and not glued to the TV.

    1. One must stay calm, but I miss my two newspapers.
      I also would like that recipe. I have hinted!

  2. I love your work Linda. You are really talented and if I was Jeff, you would be getting soup regularly. No wonder he wanted his painting. Rita

  3. Linda
    Have been thinking of you. Glad you are safe. Your art is amazing & beautiful.

  4. I just listened to a wonderful cello/piano elegie by Faure on NPR this AM while getting dressed. I love this painting, and Lloyd is a lucky boy to have a talented neighbor. He must be multi-talented, too. Once again I am thrilled by Hannah's birthday card, and the way the shadow falls over her face. Love your caption.

  5. You are amazing, always sharing your talent with others. Love you and so thankful to God that you are safe.
    Ruth Anne

  6. If I've ever seen this little boy painting, I had forgotten it! How charming it is. Seeing it and the one below makes me want to say to you: GET BACK TO PAINTING, LINDA!!! You are such an amazingly accomplished artist! I've had the TV on all day, but now have muted it as I hate to hear the same-ole, same-ole all day long. Hope they locate the culprit soon!

    Meanwhile, what fun to feast our eyes on these beautiful works of art and to see the cute card for Hannah! WHat a cutie she is.

  7. Linda, I LOVE THIS PAINTING OF LLOYD. How clever of you to put his mother on his shoulder, with the cello, and to put the baseballs in the sky. You, dear friend, have such wonderful ideas, as revealed in your other painting and in Hanna's card, too, and can follow through with them in paintings and other ways too - different from most of us! Paint! Paint! Paint! - and show the world! :) ss

  8. What a special gift for that young man and his mother and family! I can just picture the genuine pleasure they all felt at seeing and now having your wonderful portrait of him. I love that his mom is there on his shoulder.