Friday, March 8, 2013

Museum Weekend in NYC: Met and MoMA

       Some people go to Florida, but we drive to NYC. I wanted to see the Matisse: In Search of True Painting at the Met. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has  Selected Highlights, videos and much more up at its site. Matisse painted the same subject, people and scenes, over and over in search of the best painting, the best expression of his emotion, not precise realism, but simplification. You will enjoy viewing the highlights. I want to try those series myself.

      After also visiting the City Quilter for fabric and the Neue Gallery for their apple strudel and coffee. we hobbled home to recover for a visit from the grandchildren the next day. Beth had suggested we go to MoMA for their interactive opportunities. Immediately on admittance to the Museum of Modern Art, the three children donned free audio guides and blissfully sought out numbers on paintings to learn more. They LOVED the modern art., even the conceptual. After lunch we went to the interactive education area where they made their own art.

       Later, I picked up my English art magazine at the Hudson stand, took the kids to buy a book at Postman's and got two art books What is Art? and The Visual Language of Drawing: Lessons on the Art of Seeing. With this lovely snow blizzard I should be able to get in some reading when not on my Wii :-)  I had no idea how out of shape I was after walking the streets of NYC.

Note: Artist friend Kathy Borkowski-Byrne arrived in NYC just as we were leaving and mailed me the Met photo at the top of the page!

Click on the photos to enlarge.

P.S. How could I forget! (EASY)   We stopped off in New Haven to see the recently fabulously renovated Yale art galleries and the museum of British art. What a gift shop at the latter.


  1. I love your beautiful grandchildren....looks like a great exhibit. Wish I was there. Thanks for blog. RR

  2. Beautiful pictures of everyone and also the art! Can you use a flash in the Met?

    1. I don't know that one should use flash around paintings in any museum. And then, if the museum doesn't own the paintings, one is probably not supposed to photograph them. The photos above are at MoMA, the lower three not in painting areas. The photos were taken with iPhone and it took me awhile to find the lightning flash to disable it.

  3. Hi Linda

    Thanks for the post. I haven't been to Yale's museum in a very long while. The Moore sculptures! It'll be a destination come April break for me.

    Enjoy our last snowfall of the season. :)


  4. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for the mention in your blog and yes that jpg taken with my Ipod in front of the Met is more appealing than I thought it was. It captures the moment and feeling of the Met.


  6. Thanks for sharing wonderful photos.......grandkids look so cool in their colorful outfits, Ugg boots, beautiful hairdos, ribbons, and jewelry......shows so much love and caring by Mom. They are getting massive stimulation in the arts thanks to you and Joe.......LUCKY KIDS!!! Glad to get tips on books.....of course will follow up on them. KE

  7. Fun, fun! If I hadn't been having so much fun myself at the Katie PM class at QA, I would be envious of your time in NYC! I loved reading about your doings and seeing the pix.

  8. Some of these photos should be in the MoMA: Erika and Hannah looking at the huge collage? picture (what artist is that? Bearden?); David with his arm around Erika; the children smiling at the nude about to fall off the bench; Erika and her picture. What a wonderful day!