Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sneak Preview with Shorts

      Ann encouraged me to join a Round Robin quilt group. (This posting is a secret since the work is not to be seen before reveal day. However, everyone is busy. My RR group does not know about my blog,  and I want a blog/record.) I am a novice quilter and have never made a big quilt. I met with the group, presented my medallion to be set on point, and took home Evelyn's. She had paper pieced a detailed compass and provided fabrics. For the first round, we were given intricate (to me) mathematical formulas to use to set the corner triangles. Not wanting to ruin quilting for myself by following formulas, I set out as I do with journal quilts:  I cut and paste to see what develops.

     I got out my trusty Shape Cut Plus and rotary cutter to slice up some strips of fabric. This ruler helps to cut strips fast and straight. The problem comes trying to size and to fit the finished triangle. I did not do a perfect job at all, but I tried.

      We are supposed to have fun and take chances. I will pass my work on to Rosemary and receive a medallion with corners from Evelyn for the next round. On Rotation two, we are to add a pieced border 2 inches to 6 inches wide. We may use squares or rectangles. We are to border all four sides and add a framing piece around the outer edge of our completed work. Egads. I may need instruction.

        After each stage we take photos, but somehow the owner (who will keep the quilt begun with her medallion) won't see any work on her quilt until all rounds are complete on Reveal Day.

      I am eager to get back to Sashiko which I so enjoyed Thanksgiving evenings. It is meditative and fun for grandchildren. The straight stitches are something young children can do to also have a product (pillow, coasters). It can prepare me for hand quilting and moderation :*) I have put some projects in stockings. Although I have posted on Sashiko before, you must visit Ellen Katz's blog "File Under Fiber" for a solid introduction.


  1. Oh, Linda, your additions to the round robin medallion are great! You did a super job. I can't wait to see the next round, and to see THIS particular quilt when it is done. What a FUN project--challenging but it encourages so much creativity and "thinking outside the box". I know that expression is getting worn out, but it so well describes project like this! And the Sashiko....well, you may recall I have some long-neglected projects that I need to get back to. Perhaps THIS is the kind of stitching that would appeal more to my granddaughter, who wasn't "turned on" by my embroidery kit that I put together last Xmas! Thanks so much for the link to that blog.

  2. Fabulous corners!!! Respectful of her start yet creating ways to expand the idea. ND

  3. The quilt looks finished to my untrained eye. I really like the colors and the design, A lot of fun! ss

  4. The white stitching on the dark/navy blue must be the Sashiko that you have talked about in other blogs. That really is delightful in its repetition and seeming simplicity. I also like what you've done with the "pass around to complete" quilt piece. It will be most interesting to see the finished product(s)!!

  5. So complicated! I love the quilt and, of course, also want to see the next round. Love the white stitching on navy, too.

  6. Very nice work on the quilt and the Sashiko!