Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weaving Thanksgiving: a journal quilt

     For November, our 12" x 12" journal quilt group entertained the theme "Thanksgiving." To the last meeting we each brought small pieces of fabric to be distributed to everyone. These fabric pieces were to be incorporated into our block.
     Nothing came to me except the notion of baskets of blessings for which I am grateful. Celeste at our last meeting showed how she had taken strips of fabric and woven them into a quilt and I thought that was the only thing to do.

      I cut the strips using my new shape cutter that I picked up at the Quilters' Gathering in Nashua NH where I took Hannah who was evacuated from her home in NJ because of the latest storm. She LOVED the quilt show. Note the weaving behind Hannah!

      I wove the strips as one would make a lattice on a pie. I did this directly on the batting, took it to the machine to sew with no pins or spray glue and, surprisingly, it held together.Maybe not on the edges, so I cut them off neatly and took the border fabric and placed it on the back, big enough in size to wrap to the front to overlap strips of batting to be zigzagged to the the woven area. While weaving I thought of all the different personalities, some rough edges of grateful Thanksgiving gatherings with multiple personalities and the mixing of families. It is a cheerful journal quilt that I thought would never happen
      Click to enlarge the photos.
click on that turkey
I just added, a week later, the silhouette, in beads, of a turkey roasted.


  1. A shape cutter, huh? Do you like it? The weaving together and then sewing together is a neat trick. The bringing of the backing to the front to serve as a combo binding and border is a clever trick, too. This IS a cheerful quilt, and the symbolism nice. Love the picture of pretty Hannah, too!

  2. I like this...especially think it's neat that you thought of different personalities,family ties etc. as you wove the materials. As Tennyson said, " I am a part of all I have met." We've all met quite a bit in our __ __ years :). Thankfully. ss

  3. I LOVE the background/surrounding material = perfect for this. And, I do find the woven aspect appealing. Your comment about the "feelings" represented in the fabrics brought it into a special focus. Hannah looks so much like the young girl in that portrait quilt. And I do love that one behind her left shoulder - probably primarily because of the colors and the way that center pattern is done.

  4. This is a gorgeous journal quilt. Love, love, love the red! The weaving is wonderful, and the thoughts you had as you worked, interesting.
    Hannah's a knock out, and so patient with her proud Lin Lin!