Sunday, May 22, 2011

Graduation in the 'hood": security blankets and more

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      Days are wildly full now, but I wanted to make something festive to take to a graduation dinner on the harbor. Good friend and neighbor,Jean and her daughter Anna, were both graduating...Jean with a Masters in Public Health and Anna with an undergraduate interest in international health.
      First I made graduation cards using Comic Life and then added quotations on commencement to the backs of the envelopes. I learned this afternoon how to used the embroidery attachment on my sewing machine so I could put their names on "security blankets." I had many missteps in my education but succeeded after using a stabilizer ironed on the back of the fabric. I wrote the names and class and then made "pillow cases" with batting. turned and stitched on gold wings and around the edges. Of course the Kaffe Fassett fabric "made" them; and I listened to the graduation speeches as I sewed.The back was a complimentary exciting fabric by the same designer. I picked up some light-up rings for the graduates to be easily identified and had little gifts to pull out of my bag.


  1. I love the cards! You must have an updated Comic Life from the one I have, as I have never seen those wonderful bubbles! And good job on the embroidery! Mine does that, too, but your lettering looks nicer, bigger, etc., but again, your machine is newer than mine! The fabric IS fantastic, I agree, but it is your vision, NOT the fabric alone, that "makes" these cards!
    Your vision AND the neat lettering AND the bubbles--love them!

  2. What a wonderful friend you are. Did you actually GO to the graduation AND EMBROIDERY WHILE THERE ???? I love what you did - SUPER clever, as always.

  3. No...I listened to the graduation speeches over public radio as I sewed at the machine.

  4. Where do you go to hear NPR (?) commencement speeches? Your work is totally mind-boggling. It would be great to have you as a friend and neighbor!

  5. Love the fabric! Love your creativity with designing such delightful gifts! Love your thoughtfulness! The rings are the "crowning" touch! What a super way to celebrate their graduations.