Sunday, March 6, 2011

Seductive Subversion: a journal quilt

    Seductive Subversion: Women Pop Artists just has to be one of my journal quilts since the show, book and dvd were so moving to me. I believe that  over 40 years ago in Manhattan, at a Pop Art show,  a door was opened to me and I began to paint. Seeing the show recently I felt the same again. The grafitti on the bat wall spells out the show title, "Beyond the Surface," Sid Sach's curatorial essay in the book.

Click on photo to see grafitti.
The door is pulled back.
    Sid Sachs is a hero for bringing attention to the women Pop Artists who participated in the Pop Art movement but were overlooked in the history books. Some ladies are still alive and their participation in the video is moving.

    The materials women used beyond the cool surface of the men's opened the world to the infinite materials used in art today. Maybe that is why I work in every medium except glass blowing. Certainly I appreciate all the artists in the movement for their wit/intellect and freedom to use any subject matter.


  1. wow, linda ! wow _ wow _ wow !!! You have captured the whole pop art idea in SUPER SPADES. YOU should write an article and send to a magazine for publication. I'M SERIOUS. Send your own pop art with it, of course, and broaden the landscape.

  2. How appealing and enticing! When I clicked on the journal quilt to read the graffiti and then clicked again, it seemed to jump out of the screen because the closeup was so dynamic. Marvelous!

  3. After a private tutorial, I now understand the journal quilt! I love the brick wall, the open door and the gold of the ah-ha moment. Wish I could run my finger over the gold material.

  4. "Wit, intellect, freedom"--three words that capture YOU as an artist. This journal quilt is marvelous. I agree with Sherron--you need to write an article and include your own art to illustrate your thoughts. I can so relate to your "high" after the show, DVD, etc., since I am currently experiencing such a high after my Quilting Adventures week. Words cannot express how much joy I experience in my own small corner of the art world! I love my life!