Monday, January 24, 2011

Valentines stuffed: Hearts and crafts for a very cold day

(Click all photos to enlarge)


      When I go to New York City, I love to drop by Purl Soho and The City Quilter to collect ideas and good fabrics. The other day I Googled something like stuffed fabric Valentines, checked Images and may have added blog to the search words. I found a variety of hearts and thought I would start off with what looked like the simplest. Nothing is simple, I always find out! The Purl Bee site offered my first effort and Molly's instructions are super:  Thrill yourself with other ideas at this site.

       As an elementary school student I was permanently impressed by the idea of assembly lines. And as you can tell by my photos, I cut out lots of hearts to sew and opened DMC floss to cut both ends of the opened loops to create 18" threads for my embroidery needle making sure the eye was big enough for the thread and the point sharp enough to penetrate the felt.  I used pinking shears, a sturdy needle threader and stuffing. I found I could make these hearts in 10 minutes, stuffed, with safety pin attached from the one 18"thread. There will be enough string left for some x0x0's and I (heart) U. Wish I still had an elementary school student who would enjoy passing them out to classmates. I watched old movies while I stitched this coldest day in years in Boston. Abby taught me it is also good to listen to, craft podcasts, while I work.

    The last big snow day I cooked ebelskivers, filled with dollops of applesauce, but I was more restrained today. The are deliciously puffed and stuffed as well!


  1. Darn this Blogspot! I just wrote a LOOONG comment, and then when I went to get it to post, I got an "error message." What I said was that I loved your hearts and the ebelsiver pan and told you I wanted a pan, too. CVS Pharmacy, is that where you got it? As I mentioned on the Skype call, I've made a few pale pink and one little red felt heart, but hope to do some more while Hubby watches Monday Night Football!

  2. The hearts are such a beautiful variety of cheery colors that people will love. That's an amazing assembly line you've set up for yourself. And, that picture of ebelskivers has made me vow to look at CVS for that pan. Those look DELICIOUS!

  3. I love it all - including your NYC inspirations. I've seen that pan but didn't know what it was called. All the pictures are great, except that Hannah was scooted to the side too much and was under your "Archive and About me" rectangles. Happy Day.

  4. I, too, vowed to get an ebelskivers pan. I make a lovely unsweetened pink applesauce from Jonathan apples that I can use to fill the abel.... I loved the pictures of the grands even though Hannah's picture did slide off into the margin. First time I've seen that happen! Crazy.

  5. Hey! Now the pictures are OK! This is crazy.
    Cute pictures! Lovely all around.

  6. I just removed a caption which I think was pushing the photo over on some computers. One learns not to fool w Mother Nature or Blogger. Thanx for responding.