Monday, July 4, 2011

Pillow passion: a holiday find

    Today is Monday again, and I don't like to go more than a week without a blog posting. I have a journal quilt half-finished and could complete it if I miss the fireworks. Not wanting to, here is my filler! And a good one it is.
click to enlarge

     After a July 3rd lunch with the children we passed a store in the Atrium Mall in Chestnut Hill where at Anthropologie I saw the prettiest pillow...a big 22" x 22"-er. What drew me in was a richly painted landscape. It was a regular cover to a pillow, but the design was a lush oil or acrylic painterly scene over an ordinary floral fabric of static design. You could see only parts of the everyday printed "canvas" but there was the amusing effect that someone had just come along and painted on the pillow. The pillow's other side presented a still life. The grandchildren were very entertained, and Joe who also liked it purchased the art for me. I love it. Hannah and Erika, who spent the night with us after a swim, said they wanted to paint their pillows!

      Of course the pillow is way too big, but it has pride of place in the center of the big dark green sofa. Two paintings in one and inspiration. I wonder who the artist is.


  1. A well-deserved place of honor, whatever the size. I love the landscape and now to know what it is painted on adds to the pleasure.
    Enjoy--the pillow and the fireworks. Way down in Houston we're watching your fireworks courtesy of CBS.

  2. The pillow is delightful - a two-in-one treat! How wonderful that your "date" got it for you. So glad you have the perfect green sofa to display this gem.

  3. I wish we had one of those stores! I can visit one, though, when we go to see the CA gang. This is truly a wonderful find, and it would brighten and cheer anyone's living room! Love it so much! Good for you for working to post every week. I should look to you as my blogging role model!


  5. I, too, love the landscape. The still life as well, for that matter. Wish we had such a store in Columbia. I'm surprised the art work is not signed.