Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Heart and Flower Die Cuts with Grands

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     My flower and heart dies arrived for my new Accuquilt machine. I wanted to cut out some hearts and flowers for the children to make something.
     First, I WonderUnder-fused the backs of fabrics from my birthday quilt and rolled those through the die cutting machine. I cut the bigger hearts in half and took the flower stems, petals, flowers and circles in a plastic bag to the children's house when we went to Friday supper. Hannah and Erika placed the cut-outs on a 1/4 yard of quilted yellow fabric which I had halved, one section to each girl. The children made their placements, pinned them and I returned home to iron and stitch the hearts and flowers on.
     Erika just wanted to hug hers as it was, but I stitched a bias tape around the edges. Hannah wanted to turn hers into a purse for craft projects. I slipped some new scissors in since she was frustrated that hers were not sharp enough to cut the fleece she was using to make a quilt at home.  I bound Hannah's with grosgrain ribbon I had fused. My sewing is NOT professional, but sometimes you want to find results fast. I must slow down! (two blogs in 24 hours is not slowing down). Oh, I also bought a Fiskars scissor sharpener. Did not know about those.


  1. Seeing this post is enough to make me go back to wanting one of those Accuquilt machines! I can just imagine how Lia would love to make something like this. Hmmm, you said you used a coupon for it and got it from JoAnn's? Well, we need to talk on the phone so you can advise me. I wouldn't care so much for square dies, as they are so easy to cut with rotary cutter. And I have a method for making both half square triangles and flying geese whereby you never actually cut triangles. But these hearts, yeah, I can think of a gazillion ways to use them with the grandchildren. Anyway, these are charming and let's Skype or just talk on the old fashioned phone!

  2. My but these hearts look familiar ! They are adorable on placemat or purse. I enjoy them on quilts, of course, but this blog just shows they can be fun on whatever one dreams up!

  3. Love those colorful hearts. What fun you have with those girls!

  4. As usual, you have made it possible for the girls to create special treasures that are unique for each of them. Gosh, will you be my grandmother? :-)