Monday, June 27, 2011

More blocks for Project Hope

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     My calendar is crowded and time was running out on due date for blocks; so I got busy fast, yesterday afternoon. This has been a wild week with two birthdays, another quilt show, car menu needing a fix, rain galore, NYC recovery, two 12 x 12s, pruning, kids, and the dentist. I have written before:
     In the Fall, Katie rounds up friends to make blocks for quilts for Project Hope . She brings in fabrics on a theme. People gather to take home remnants to create. There is no pressure at all. I usually make about eight different blocks; others make fewer and some, more.
      In the Spring we meet to see how things are going, to get ideas from each other and to know what is realistic to expect by the deadline in late July which is when Katie likes to start assembling the blocks. After that, we tie the quilt. It is fun to gather with those who have worked on it before and pull in others we see passing in the hall to engage them. We are always surprised by the individuality of different participants. I assure you, all are more complex and interesting than mine.
      This year, the theme is creatures of the Northeast. It will be fun working with animals. This goes much faster than the art quilts I am working on. Katie has the tough task, but she listens to books and sews away! She has come up with a cozy way to make people aware of Project Hope.  (See April 10, 20ll for two more)


  1. The colorful blocks will make such nice quilts. How neat that you participate in that. I do love "The Very Hungry Catepillar" block because I so love that book.

  2. Ingenious methods and blocks -- ss

  3. What a super project, which I know you have told us about before, but it was fun to be reminded of it. I LOVE the theme, and your blocks are so bright and cheerful and FUN. Now who will sew all of them together??? Will we get to see the finished quilts??? I hope so!

  4. I guess it is not clear that Katie sews the blocks together after gathering all together. There are two quilts she has enough blocks for. She assembles and adds sashes and then has someone to do the finishing quilting of the sandwiches.

  5. I love the bright colors. It's fun to go through and pick out the variety of animals.
    Thanks, Linda!

  6. The owl's my bird. (Just look at my pic.) And the starry, starry night. I love 'em all, and the idea, not to mention the love, behind the project.

  7. Just happened upon your interesting blog. Art school after teaching--marvelous! I like your ideas about journal quilting and you're so lucky to have a group with whom to share.
    best, nadia