Sunday, January 26, 2020

Phoning on Your Sketchpad...more ways to draw

     Someone asked David Hockney if he painted on his portable phone. He replied that he phoned on his sketchpad! Painters who once used sketchbooks to make notes for future paintings are sometimes now finding drawing on their smartphones to do the job, the technology is so hip.

      I have always had apps on my phone for drawing so that the grandchildren could grab and start sketching...apps like Doodle Buddy, Whiteboard, Paper. and Brushes. Many years ago I heard that David Hockney painted with Brushes. I sat on the floor under the Christmas stockings by the fireplace and painted on my iPhone just using my finger. Then the Brushes app could not be updated and I forgot about it until the Apple Store announced free classes in learning to use the Procreate app.

      $10 Procreate is a professional winner for use on an iPad, but last night I discovered the $5 Procreate Pocket for my iPhone. I downloaded and created many drawings in bed and I can't stop smiling! My MEKO stylus arrived today. 

       At the turn of the new year, I had fun tracing people in photos over which I put a screen in "layers" and drew with a digital stylus. Many were amazed by the results. You can import a photo to use. There are so many brushes and within each category of brushes, more brushes. You can enlarge and reduce the size of brushes and your tracing. You can move what you are working around with fingers on the screen. There is a learning manual on line  for both Procreate and Procreate Pocket, and classes at the Apple Store are also free. Of course free-form sketching for paintings are the main draw to this app! Dive in to be rewarded.
The Apple Store says:
Explore how to start a sketch by tracing with the Procreate app on iPad Pro.  Beginning with a photograph, we'll show you how to follow contours of a portrait with Apple Pencil. You'll practice adding shadows and curves to create depth, adjust opacity and layers, and select a color palette for a portrait sketch to take home. Devices will be provided. Recommended for beginners.

Procreate® Handbook
‎Procreate Pocket Handbook on Apple Books


Saturday, January 4, 2020

Recovering December: Use it or lose it

       A post a month is my goal, although in the beginning, ten years ago in 2010, it was one a day. Life happens and I missed December 1919, but not the art.

      First stop in NYC was the Whitney Museum in Chelsea. Katie alerted me that Liza Lou had a room, an entire kitchen, made of beads. Joe and I favored the 6th floor. The sculpture also grabbed us: some giant animal ceramics and Arneson's striking bust. In the cafe there were pumpkin seeds all over the tops of the oatmeal cookies and a favorite, pimento cheese, was turned into a dip with chips. We walked the High Line for more art.  

The Met was next where we went to see Vallaton's art. His prints and paintings staggered.A revisit to the Christmas tree was a bonus, a creche as I was in pursuit of creches, missing mine lost in the fire. I was inspired to see an elderly man with his stool and mounted paper, sketching ceramic or clay wrestlers in charcoal. If I lived in NYC I would spend many of my days in that building.The subway had a post from Michelle Obama's painter; the street, a peace display; the Mexican food restaurant, murals.The cucumber margarita seemed healthy.

Neue Gallery merited a revisit.This time, I read about Kirchner's paintings, especially  colors, before my visit. I saw a lot more. The Austrian meal and coffee in the best booth underlined our good time. Every evening after dinner  I would draw Joe or the flowers in my sketchbook.

       Joe and I continued to the Met Breur for Vija Celmins, plus a New Year's Eve lovely meal. And why not the Jewish Museum with its honoring a gallery owner who advanced modern art in America?It was a  big show of favorites, from folk art to modern. Then, still pursuing a creche, we headed to the Museum of Natural History, the American Folk Art Museum and the Museum of Art and Design where a self portrait in cactus caught our eye.

      At the French restaurant around the corner, Joe found this brass plaque about the area where so much art is being shown in and out of museums and where we had such a good time. Read about the trees and The Night Before Christmas gift to all children.

       After a week+ we hit the road home. It was only in New Haven at Ten Thousand Villages that I found my creches. Joe then asked at home, as we opened the mail, if I would draw a New Year's card of the two of us and Harry. I tried and quickly experienced "if you don't use it, you lose it!!" Hopefully, some day I wll get back to work.

How did I forget to mention the Frick!!! Super show of Manets and sculpture!

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

A Toast to Strong Women. Models for All Ladies

      This week, fearless women spoke truth at the impeachment hearings: Fiona Hill, Marie Yovanovitch, breathtakingly strong and articulate, reminded me of Anita Hill's testimony years ago. Recently we have seen  the strength of Nancy Pelosi, Christine Blasey Ford, Jennifer Williams, and Laura Cooper. I remember watching, without ceasing, the Hill hearings and have found it difficult to overlook Biden's heavy hand at that time.I remember staying up all night to paint Anita and the Ships of Fools for a show at the SMFA the next dayI have awaited the absent muse for a visual idea for today's strong,stirring souls.

       Where to get ideas? A meeting this week at the Quilters Connection last week reminded me of The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. In the book she encourages one's writing, uncensored, three Morning Pages a day, possibly in a notebook. By the end of the week I usually have so many ideas I have to quit writing.Do you need the Muse for a creative project? Try Morning Pages. I purchased and will reread The Artist's Way, it is so good.

        I don't recommend rewarding your creative efforts with the sweets I have been baking: acorn- and leaf-shaped muffins (molds from William Sonoma), buttermilk biscuits while reading Morrison's Beloved, Jen's vanilla buttermilk cookies, and rolling pen-embossed seasonal cookies. Some goodies went to the church fair, but most to Joe and Linda. I am now off sweets and making a myriad of bookmarks for my book club exchange. Fewer calories. Google "fabric book marks" or "embellished fabric bookmarks". A lot of fun awaits.

     Hmm...the title to this post suggests a visual "toast." Maybe the muse is hovering.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Drawing on what interests you

      Recently I ran across a favorite book about Joan Brown, a California artist who painted her life. I LOVE  her catalog and that cover with images drawn from her every day! Many artists paint or draw what is going on in their lives. It is what interests them. It is not necessarily boring, trite, or unimaginative...not just a face as mine often are. That made me study two paintings that flank our king size bed, paintings from 15 years ago. I remember when the target image was hanging in a show in Cambridge, another grandmother walked in and burst out laughing when she saw it, ringing some truth to her experience.

      Another self-portrait hanging in the bedroom in a corner is this one painted on a fabric of brown values. I like to study  the lights to darks, clarity. I also wonder how I painted it so neat! Painting self-portraits is so much fun and I too often avoid doing so because uninformed people think it is a bit narcistic. It is not. The subject is an inexpensive handy model, a vehicle for self exploration. It allows role playing, intimate work, a landscape and media exploration.I encourage grands and friends also. Sometimes they draw me while I draw them.An effective artist shouldn't worry about what people think!

     This week I picked up a couple of books with ideas I am enjoying, both of which had helpful surprises for me and I have read lots of books. See photos below: The Drawing Ideas Book and Find Your Artistic Voice. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Painting a Picture

     Frankly, I have been having trouble getting back into painting. However, I wanted to take these two figures on a soccer field along with a newspaper picture of a soccer net writ large and combine. It seemed a simple task to sketch out the two 10-years-olds, move David's arm above his head, and throw on the paint.

      I scribbled out my plan w charcoal and squeezed out some acrylics on a paper palette (non-absorbent paper). With some water and a no. 6 round Princeton nylon brush, started moving paint energetically on an alizerin crimson pre-primed canvas. I cursorily sketched in the boys first and came up with the net and grass later. I used only one pointed brush, from point to side, throughout the effort. I used a fairly limited palette of white, off white, yellow, oj, red, two blues and a brown. Half-way through I told Joe a frame would help the composition so he made me one and I had two more sessions, the third after David told me to lower his arm rather than show his face.

       Feeling the grass needed something for that big green area, I thought I would connect w art history, I added bottom right, the age, name and date of the subject, using a stencil, black pointed Sharpie and some gold acrylic textile paint! I think the fact that David liked the painting and it is already up on the living room wall portrait corner will encourage me to paint more action. I also want to get back to Urban Sketching, cuz that is fast also!  (Click to enlarge)

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Still movie making!

    Movie making continues from last month. I found I could Save a movie to a Quicktime video on iCloud for a limited time, or load it onto DropBox where people all over the world could see it. Friends were very gracious to brag on it.

     Surprisingly, Joe decided he wanted a movie. I suggested he make his own, that it is easy. People don't realize how simple it is or they are not so interested in the craft. Hard to imagine, for the ease and fun is what drew me in to learning and buying a computer. And Joe could choose his own music!

     I found I couldn't make Joe a movie similar to mine.I realized it has to be his relationship to me. So I chose Linda Rondstadt's Someone to Watch Over Me. I titled it "The Watchman," but will surely change it to Watch Over Me. I don't sound too liberated...but those are the facts. I didn't take it too seriously...just relaxed while dropping photos onto the line of music in iMovie (see last month's post).

     I highly recommend making a big deal out of major birthdays and a movie gets you started., The movie is so therapeutic to return to often in order to tweak it. As in editing an article, editing is never over. Plus, Linda Rondstadt has an amazing voice that is so relaxing. Sorry I lost her CDs in the fire, but they are on my computer! What an artist, she!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Making My Movie

   This is the month for a seriously big birthday. SO, to get into the spirit, I quickly created an iMovie of my life with Linda Rondstadt's singing When You Wish Upon a Star. The movie/video is for my pleasure alone, because I don't have permission to send out the song.

    First, I opened iMovie on my computer, let it load, chose Project (titled 1939-2019 or So This is Linda), and downloaded My Media (photos from Photos). I opened Audio (my music on the computer) and pulled down the Ronstadt song (a green strip). The photos and music to use arrived independently in the upper left work area. I first dragged the music down into the bottom left section and pulled the photos atop the music wherever the spirit moved me. I could view the movie as I went along on the upper right hand corner of the screen.

     I like to use the Ken Burns effect on each photo so the focus zooms in or out from and to areas of the photo you choose. The Ken Burns ability appears when you click on the photo in the strip. It is the cropping icon atop the developing movie in the upper right hand corner.This puts the Ken Burns selections on each photo. Then I sought out Transitions back at the top left near Media and Audio and dragged the first transition offered between each photo down below to make movement from one photo to the next non abrupt and natural..

     Leaving perfection behind, I started exploring Titles and other offerings on the work page. But I just wanted to get in the mood for my birthday. I tweak my"movie" every time I sit down at or leave the computer. It is so much fun. The photos are about 4 seconds long but you can shorten or lengthen at the sides of each photo on the strip. So much fun! Don'r forget to Google any questions you have for your movie.I worked on a iMac, but there are good movie making programs for other computers, such as Movavi and Adobe Premiere.