Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fabric Bookmark: birthday follow-up

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    The birthday week is past. How wonderful that Trilla sent me a box of very appropriate cards that made writing thank you notes fun.
     I wanted to insert a little favor into the envelopes and thought of making this quickie bookmark from a heavy fabric. I printed a quotation on fabric that I typed on the computer and ran fabric ironed on freezer paper through the computer to print. I used a blanket stitch on my Baby Locke machine to sew the quotation on and frayed the edges of the bookmark...pulled the strings out. I have recently been using the silliest bookmarks and needed this!
      This quotation is inspired by all the fine new recent friendship connections: Trilla and Alice, Susan and Natalie, Ann and Linda, Andrea and Donna Jean. Also, I'm thinking of the new friendships the children will make in their new town as well as reunions (old fiends) I will be attending in the Fall. Joe put the cards in the mail today so they should arrive tomorrow or Thursday.


  1. Lovely bookmark. (Lovely....my signature adjective. Maybe I should come up with something more original.) In the same vein, I love Trilla's notecards as well. Your quote is so appropriate for our age.

  2. Love that quotation!!! And the cards are perfect for you! You had such a spectacular week. It was fun to read about the various celebrations. What wonderful ways to celebrate!

  3. I've been grabbing for bookmarks myself this week, so I REALLY enjoyed seeing yours. What a special week it has been for you - but I expect the weeks to follow are going to be interesting and special too. ss

  4. I looked for this post last night before we began our Damages marathon (3 episodes!), but it wasn't up yet. I love these bookmarks! Yes, the quotation as others mentioned is super! I am inspired! Maybe when I get bored with my current project, I can take a minute to concoct some clever new bookmarks. Would be a great gift to give my Book Buddies group when we resume our meetings in the fall! You continue to inspire me, dear old friend! ["Old" as in friend for many years; NOT "old" in our age. We are not old in years....yet!]