Friday, July 23, 2010

Party Time: a journal quilt

    Birthdays continue to come around, not just mine, but my friends. This was a week of birthday parties and reunions. Not only were there neat get-togethers, phone calls and cards from all over, e-mails, surprises at the door galore....but I ran into friends I have not seen in the health center!  This is my funny thought for the day: Not only can we see our friends and family on the street walking the dog, at the swimming pool, at meetings and parties...but as we mature, we can run into our past at the doctors' offices :*) The eyes in the background stand for all the people it is special to see again, in person or by modern media.
     I should be more specific on the special experiences I had this week and last, but I want to get this sketch, a journal quilt, up. (click photo to enlarge) Thank you one and all for the happy thoughts and times.


  1. I think this is your best one yet. I love the dancing ghouls, the cupcakes, the polka dots. Love the text.
    Have you done any more about having a caption for each journal quilt on your website when you click on it?

  2. Linda, I agree with Nancy. Every time I see a new journal quilt, I think it hits the mark with a bulls eye. This one certainly does - so clever and fun AND PROBABLY SO TRUE !

  3. Ditto ditto from my fellow Lynnists! This may well be my favorite one of your journal quilts yet. So bright and colorful, so clever, and SO TRUE! I am happy for you that your birthday was so great. As you know, I have a very special place in my heart for July birthdayers, if that's a word! Two children and one grandchild, both July babies. A good month to be born!