Friday, July 16, 2010

Jean's birthday

My neighbor's birthday is a few days before mine, ten years apart. Jean is a challenge to treat. Husband Neal has a big surprise party planned for tonight, but I could not think of a gift. I know Jeanie is 60 and Judith Viorst always has a decade book. For this time, Suddenly Sixty and other Shocks of Later Life is the one I bought. Jean loves aprons and is finishing another degree this year. (click on the photo above)

So finally the muse visited me at the last minute: After buying the book, I dropped in JoAnne's fabrics and saw a vintage material that spoke to me (vintage). Lo and behold there were file folders and sticky notes for the scholar that matched the apron I would make from Simplicity pattern 3752! I had hoped to stitch the multi-ruffled one, but I had a time constraint and was wise for once. I also earlier designed some cards for the birthday girl, but they don't really match. One card combines sculptor Niki de Saint Phalle's Nanas w Jean's visage, celebrating Jean's spirit. The other is from Comic Life. The National Museum of Women in the Arts had mailed that postcard I collaged.


  1. That apron is really, really cute! I love it, and it almost makes me want to get that pattern and make a few, but I must restrain myself--too many projects in the fire as it is. I tried to double click to enlarge to read the Comic Life comic, but Blogger is being stubborn. Maybe you can attach it to an email--would love to see it up close! Jean will adore all these gifts; no doubt they'll be her faves! (They would be mine!)

  2. Linda, the apron is great. I love the material AND the style. If she doesn't like to cook, she will when she gets to wear this!!! And the COmic Life is hilarious. You think of and find the most fun things !!! Jean will love these presents.

  3. What a "gift galore" delightful treat for your friend. That makes her birthday so very special.

  4. Love the apron and the postcards. The dancing figures are adorable. I've read all of Viorst's
    decade books and found them spot on and funny.