Sunday, August 8, 2010

Crafting Close-up: necklace and bracelet

    Recovering from a grandchildren sleepover this weekend, long trip with them to a musical (not having water to drink available in the car), and inventive singing on the way home, I put together another necklace, forgetting to save all the stages for those of you who wanted more details. Hopefully these photos answer questions.
    First, you string the beads, (a bead tray makes it easy) in this case separating the large beads by smaller ones. Check for fit. Then run the beading wire through a silver or gold bead (I break glass ones), a crimp and another metal bead, and loop through the clasp. You reverse and go back through the bead, crimp and bead and a few more major beads in the necklace. Clip wires to hide, an inch plus into the bigger beads. (Click photos to enlarge)
    Use the crimping tool twice at each end, the inside hole with the "tongue" for the first squeeze and then the hole at the point of the tool to round things off. The only difficult part is pulling the wire tight enough so as to leave no gaps in the beading wire. I sometimes use those other tools.
    This method is so fast, that I was also able to make another (already) smocked dress with one seam while the girls watched Babe, the movie. Hannah wanted tie straps, so I used gold bias tape ( there is gold in Tinkerbell's wand), of which I stitched the sides and attached. Of course I double-stitched the dress and attachments as a preventive measure. We made a heart bracelet for one girl and a turquoise necklace (neither pictured) for the other. A fast craft this is!


  1. I love the color - turquoise - of Hannah's dress. Did she chose the material at the store?
    Your directions for jewelry making seem simple, but when I see all those instruments - like a doctor's operating room - I go cross-eyed.
    The colors of the beads are fabulous.

  2. You need only a crimper and a wire cutter. Sometimes you can find these little sets of tools grouped at a low cost. But then you have them the rest of your life.

  3. The beading projects are always fun to see. That tray is a really smart time-saver in getting an accurate size for your necklace or bracelet. Love the dress! Can't wait to show your two dress posts to the other grandmother who has the sewing talents.

  4. Merveilleux, Linda - on all counts! Hannah looks so cute in her pretty, bright sun dress.

  5. Oh, wow, Hannah is really a beauty! And wearing my favorite color, too. You make the necklace beading sound, if not easy, at least DOABLE. I want to try this sometime, and now I'll know where to go for clear illustrations. Wouldn't you know, there's a big beading convention here in town this weekend, and I'm sure lovely beads galore for sale, and I'm going to be leaving Sat. for CO! Darn!