Sunday, January 26, 2020

Phoning on Your Sketchpad...more ways to draw

     Someone asked David Hockney if he painted on his portable phone. He replied that he phoned on his sketchpad! Painters who once used sketchbooks to make notes for future paintings are sometimes now finding drawing on their smartphones does the job, the technology is so hip.

      I have always had apps on my phone for drawing so that the grandchildren could grab to start sketching...apps like Doodle Buddy, Whiteboard, Paper. and Brushes. Many years ago I heard that David Hockney painted with Brushes. I sat on the floor under the Christmas stockings by the fireplace and painted on my iPhone just using my finger. Then the Brushes app could not be updated and I forgot about it until the Apple Store announced free classes in learning to use the Procreate app.

      $10 Procreate is a professional winner for use on an iPad, but last night I discovered the $5 Procreate Pocket for my iPhone. I downloaded and created many drawings in bed and I can't stop smiling! My MEKO stylus arrived today. 

       At the turn of the new year, I had fun tracing people in photos over which I put a screen in "layers" and drew with a digital stylus. Many were amazed by the results. You can import a photo to use. There are so many brushes and within each category of brushes, more brushes. You can enlarge and reduce the size of brushes and your tracing. You can move what you are working around with fingers on the screen. There is a learning manual on line  for both Procreate and Procreate Pocket, and classes at the Apple Store are also free. Of course free-form sketching for paintings are the main draw to this app! Dive in to be rewarded.
The Apple Store says:
Explore how to start a sketch by tracing with the Procreate app on iPad Pro.  Beginning with a photograph, we'll show you how to follow contours of a portrait with Apple Pencil. You'll practice adding shadows and curves to create depth, adjust opacity and layers, and select a color palette for a portrait sketch to take home. Devices will be provided. Recommended for beginners.

Procreate® Handbook
‎Procreate Pocket Handbook on Apple Books



  1. Technology is truly amazing! And I applaud you for trying out this latest wonder of an app. Your results are, indeed, super. My iPhone is one of the old, really tiny, ones, and I am trying hard to stay content with it. Just don't want to invest in a larger and super expensive one! But were I an artist with pencil and paint brush, I am sure I'd be buying one! (Neither do I have an iPad!)

  2. It is fun to read about and to see your discoveries. You inspire but don't require.😃I like knowing about new things- sometimes.

  3. I LOVED the sketch of your granddaughters! Perfect!