Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Journal quilt additions

     Catching up on a few journal quilts while Joe sanded the kitchen floor, I remembered to also document our time last week and before with the children in NYC. Since journal quilts are sketches, I stitch them quickly. If I had more time, I would embellish more profusely;  but before I know it, another week has passed. Maybe after I am gone, the girls, and even David, can take them to a higher level with their additions. Also, I would like to start journal paintings once a week. Some people paint one a day.

     That cute little rabbit I saw in my neighbor's garden  last summer is bringing forth other emotions now that he has eaten many of Joe's new sprouts, especially the sunflowers for Erika. Joe asked the children if he should make a stew as Mr. McGregor did and they said "No."Maybe we need a scarecrow like my cellist neighbor's!  Click to enlarge.

      Also, there's the alphabet fabric with which the girls made quilt hangings. I added cupcakes to remember Hannah's pre-party picnic down on the Hudson. A hint of the water is in a remnant on the quilt.



      The days before Memorial Day, Jim and Colin treated the children to adventures in NYC. I read tales in family trees and caught up with relatives. Then we watched the PBS Memorial Day program. 


  1. You are so prolific and I love the accompanying stories!

  2. Peter Rabbit was my favorite story (pre-school), although I insisted that my mother make up variations inwhich Peter did not suffer for his adventures. Of course I always love cupcakes, and your grandchildren are lovely. Is this froggie wooing in the lettuce patch? And are these Joe's lettuces?

    1. I have not seen the neighbor's bunny since they put in the cello playing frog. I told Joe I needed to make some sort of mini scarecrow.

  3. What an adorable little bunny quilt! Where did you get the fabric?

  4. Many stores had it. I know I purchased some at The Cambridge Quilt Shop and maybe The City Quilter and even Purl Bee.

  5. Love all of the projects and the photo! Too exhausted and puny to write much, but I DID read it! Now to read another of your posts I've missed......

  6. Linda, I always love your journal quilts, these included. The pictures are glorious, of course, and since green is my very favorite color, I adore the way you have captured the lettuces. Is that a correct plural? 'Can't wait to see what you journal next ! ss