Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mystery Quilt for the Material Mavens Journal Quilt Reveal

The Keys in Hiding ~ Again!
     It’s an increasing MYSTERY where I have placed things! 

      In the midst of creating my first attempt at this mystery quilt, Que Sera Sera (below)the puzzle of children’s development, I needed a crystal ball and finally made one that doesn’t photograph as good as it looks. At the same time, I re-read Art and Fear, which gave me the nerve to paint the rabbit.  I Googled Alice’s rabbit, Images, and sketched a composite, however anatomically challenged he is.  I dove into my Lumiere textile paints and was surprised how slowly they built up compared with my other paints. I added a black permanent marker in spots. My background fabric awaited.
      To make the crystal ball, I traced a saucer onto freezer paper and ironed the freezer paper to fabric. I folded in the edges (Katie P-M suggests spray starch) and blind-stitched it. I opened the backing and added polyfill. It needed more. In my stash I found this sheer fabric that doesn’t fray. I cut it out and used a spray glue to the edges. Next, I began to quilt things to batting. I took silver embroidery floss to stitch around the globe, after inserting a felt key. I also used embroidery thread on the clock.I needed bubbles for thoughts. I first photographed the piece and added it to Comic Life software to test bubble shapes and colors. Then I cut out fabric onto which I had ironed Wonder Under and printed the thoughts with Fabrico, a permanent marker. The fabric for the backside was too small,  but I hastily glued it down and stitched over all with invisible thread to suggest the speed of the frantic rabbit. Perhaps some hands or fingers are needed to hover over the ball, but it’s late, it’s late!

        Neither is perfect, but I made so many mistakes and learned several new techniques.That is a special bonus of art journal quilting!


  1. I love love this. Let me know when you solve that ever-growing mystery. In my household we're totally befuddled. Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear!

  2. What fun to see this quilt again! I won't repeat what all I said on the MM blog, except to say that I love both of these quilts--both so wonderfully creative and artful. Now I am inspired to put MY quilt on my art quilting blog!

  3. Linda, you are a fast-moving HARE, What fun to read about and to SEE your art-in-motion. It's terrific!ss

  4. Fun! Spectacular! Most appealing! Love the children with the puzzle pieces! I'm still smiling. Thanks for sharing the joy of your creativity. You have made my day!

  5. More comments and more 12 x 12 mystery quilts are at the Material Mavens site: http://thematerialmavens.blogspot.com/2012/05/lindas-mystery-quilt-keys-in-hiding.html#comment-form

  6. Have seen in person. I am so impressed! I think I need to read Art and Fear. Bravo for plunging into the fray.