Saturday, October 1, 2011

Snap Bag marathon: assembly line construction

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   This coming Thursday, many best friends are gathering; and I wanted to make something for each. I don't know if I will mail or deliver. If you remember, I posted on September 16 my excitement about these handy items, useful in purses but mainly witty pieces that pull open by tabs and close with a snap, thanks to cut up metal measuring tapes. At that post there are links to tutorials.
   I learned so much working in assembly-line fashion: One can make in two days what took a day to make one originally. I learned to use smoke invisible thread but to make sure the spool is a certain shape, for a regular spool is a nightmare. A spray glue was important to make the tabs hold shape so I did this outside and kept the black "patent leather" tabs under weights. I finally figured correct settings for zig-zag satin seams and the use of permanent markers to tone down problems. Most exciting, I found I could free-motion quilt with a regular walking foot and go 10 times as fast in the quilting, zooming and looping around.
   Now to get to work on the fabric fortune cookies for the BBF (Best Friends Forever) tags!


  1. These are so sharp looking! I love your choice of fabric, and that patent leather-look fabric is amazing. You are truly a wonder woman to get these done so quickly. I know that your good friends are going to be blown away by these fantastic gifts!

  2. These little purses are just adorable and I SO hope that you will be delivering them in person? Looking forward to seeing the fabric fortune cookies...hope they are fun to make.

  3. Love the fabric! Is that the pumpkin you found? Fabulous! ND

  4. Those bags are so neat with that little black tab. What a special gift that will be for your friends. Since it will be unexpected, that adds to the charm of the whole thing. Enjoy! Can't wait to hear what they say!

  5. As usual I love the red and black. Quite striking. Your friends are going to be so pleased.