Thursday, September 22, 2011

Harmony on the Homefront: a Material Mavens quilt

    My friend, Alice, founded an international 12" x 12" art quilt group blog, Material Mavens. I had given her a book for her birthday about a similar group which lit a fire in her. She is quite the organizer.

     Our first challenge was to make a quilt about "harmony." On September 15, we all revealed our quilts and a new theme was chosen for the next two months.

Home Harmony
        My journal quilt design developed this way:  Three things happened at once. My accuquilt cutter arrived. Joe and I were babysitting the grandchildren while their parents moved their home to another state.  I needed to think "harmony."

       I was excited to try the cutting machine and placed an inexpensive blended roll of batiks into the chopper to get numerous triangles and many squares of two sizes. In creating the quilt, I limited myself to what was available in this particular stash of batiks.

       Off and on, the children concentrated to make houses of squares and rectangles. They had "house" on the mind and organized a tabletop of multi-colored homes (small square and triangle on big square as in the center).  Harmony, however imperfect (I put the house on in the wrong direction) prevailed in several directions. This two-sided quilt is an homage to that time, the youngsters' design, and my new helper, the fabric cutting machine.


  1. It looks as bright and cheerful here as it does on the MM blog!

  2. The story about the quilt and about the Material Mavens is both fun & inspiring. It will be delightful to see all that you and the Material Mavens produce in the future. I love this one and the bright colors!

  3. The harmonies move out from the centered house, and yet the blue arrows bring us home. Lots in this seemly simple design--like so much of life!

  4. I love this traditional design, the vivid colors, the way the triangles and rectangles point...bring the eye to the contered house.