Sunday, April 24, 2011

Where in the World: Wonderland's Tea Party

   Founded in 1977, the Quilters' Connection is a dynamic group of more than 400 quilters and quilt enthusiasts in the greater Boston area and as far away as Japan. Although barely a quilter, I put my name on the membership list and have found no other group so exciting to me with regard to programs and mind- stretching art work. Although I am too shy to enter a big quilt yet, I was attracted to the idea of the Quilt Challenge at the annual show.

    The 34th Annual Quilt Show will be held Friday-Sunday, June 3-5, 2011, at the Arsenal Center for the Arts in Watertown MA. Besides the completed quilts and quilted garments, each member may submit two "Where in the World" Challenge Quilts. These are not to be bigger than 20" either direction.

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     I made two Challenge Quilts. One is shown below at the April 5 posting. The other is this teacup. Where in the world is Wonderland, inspired by granddaughter Hannah. I first sketched a teacup at Linda Blumsack's house during beading. Then I enlarged it (via grids) on tissue. Next, I sketched the same onto posterboard and cut out the main pieces. I traced these pieces with freezer wrap, and ironed those freezer wrap templates onto fabric. I cut out the fabric, leaving 1/2 inch margin for seams. I also cut out batting and a backing fabric (the blue) the size of the teacup with seam allowance of 1/2 inch. Before cutting out the pictures of Alice and other characters, I fused them with Wonder Under to make fine cutting easier. I ironed them in place. I was ready to put the good sides together w batting, sew pillow case style and turn inside out. I stitched the opening closed. Then with invisible or colored thread I began to quilt the three layers.With embroidery needle, I further defined things.

     Both quilts are to have sleeves for hanging on the back as well as a label. I may further embellish the two.


  1. You sound like an accomplished quilter to me! And artist, and clever to know all of those tricks about moving the sketch to posterboard and freezer paper. Good work!

  2. The teacup is most appealing! You've included the characters and managed to get in several scenes of interaction between or among the characters. I hesitate to suggest anything, but would some threads of gold and silver add special touches to the Queen and perhaps the teacups and wherever else your talented eye might spy? It's hard to tell when looking at the scenes & clicking to enlarge the teacup.

  3. I love this theme and the way the characters are placed in and around the teacup. Humpty Dumpty in particular. Is this quilt about 20" square?

  4. Ahhh, at last I am able to get to your blog after what seems ages of having computer problems both at home and in California! I think this teacup is a charming and lovely little quilt! I agree with Nancy that the Humpty is particularly well-placed! Rosemary's suggestions for some sparkling threads might be worth a try!

  5. Charming and clever - as always with you.