Sunday, April 10, 2011

Project Hope: block collection time

     In the Fall, Katie rounds up friends to make blocks for quilts for Project Hope . She brings in fabrics on a theme. People gather to take home remnants to create. There is no pressure at all. I usually make about eight different blocks; others make fewer and some, more.
      In the Spring we meet to see how things are going, to get ideas from each other and to know what is realistic to expect by the deadline in late July which is when Katie likes to start assembling the blocks. After that, we tie the quilt. It is fun to gather with those who have worked on it before and pull in others we see passing in the hall to engage them. We are always surprised by the individuality of different participants. I assure you, all are more complex and interesting than mine.
      This year, the theme is creatures of the Northeast. It will be fun working with animals. This goes much faster than the art quilts I am working on. Katie has the tough task, but she listens to books and sews away! She has come up with a cozy way to make people aware of Project Hope.

I am now off to embellish my Alice in Wonderland quilt, make decisions about buttons, and try to create and finish the teacup before the guild meeting tomorrow night.

Also, I hope you viewed Hannah folding an origami bird which I filmed this week!
YouTube - Origami Bird

If you want to see earlier postings on Project Hope, click on Project Hope in Labels below and it will bring up earlier blogs of April 12, June 14, and June 2l of 2010.


  1. Project Hope is such a noble and interesting project. It will be fun to see how this year's project develops.I particularly like this top quilt. The way the colors and patterns blend with the picture of the dog is VERY appealing to me.

  2. I agree with Sherron; the top block is really nice. I like them both, but that top one is a block pattern that is new to me. Do you know its name? This is a fun theme for a quilt; I'll be eager to see what the entire quilt looks like!

  3. The top block is a Greek Cross pattern and I chose it because it can be speed pieced and is thus faster to make than a 9 square, or it seems, and is a bit more fun. I found it at the Quilter's Cache that you recommended to me:

  4. Yes, I enjoyed watching Hannah make the Origami Bird. What a sweet smile! I'm partial to the second block - more animals and more color.