Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bill's Batman: a birthday present

     Monday is Bill's birthday. He is a collector and has not forgotten that I (he thinks) gave away his Star Wars what-evers when we moved to London or he left the nest for college or to get married. As a child, Bill had numerous super hero action dolls whose costumes he cut, taped and painted to make authentic. I have a box of his improved, over-loved figures and would never part with his handiwork.
     Christmas came and went, but I had bought the book Scandinavian Stitches that featured a quilted container to hold collections. I also had some neat Batman (one of Bill's favorites) fabrics. Today, finally, I made what I could: a stuffed (not very successful but grandson might like) Batman, a little quilt (just trying to improve on the figure...maybe granddaughters will use w dolls), and HOORAY, the container. Joe and I may go buy a proper pretty box for Bill's collections, but I often enjoy making gifts, whether wanted or not.

click to enlarge photos
     The base and sides of the container are quilted (by machine and hand). I made bias tape for the top and bottom edges with a little tool from JoAnne's. Note I embroidered the flight of the bat signal which had been fused on and stitched.
      If you want to see a clever and artful Easter solution, check the container as a nest filled with birds (could be eggs) after you scroll way down on the Scandinavian Stitches book site at Amazon after you "Look Inside."

P.S. Synergy is amazing. The Yale Alumni Magazine arrived today with this cover:


  1. Omigosh! I love these so much! You did a super job, and finally I can see what I've been trying to imagine in my exhausted brain. Tell me in an email where you got the Batman fabric, as grandson Locke would adore something from it, and he's got a July I must blog about a super idea that I have for Easter crafts, but I'll check out your source--sounds intriguing! Good work, Lin Lin!

  2. Synergy IS amazing! I wonder how the Yale cover translates inside. It's funny to think of Bill's still liking Batman, but I think he will LOVE his birthday presents from YOU. The whole family will love them!

  3. If you click on the magazine, there is more info: "Yes: the Dark Knight went to Yale." The rest is in Latin and I can't decifer. One young lady said she likes Batman best (he doesn't have super powers) since you never know but what you might be dating him!

  4. What wonderful gifts for Bill! And, his super mom will also make his favorite tacos for the b'day celebration. Love the synergy with the Yale Magazine. Can't wait to check out the Scandinavian Stitches book on Amazon and the Batman fabric for the grandsons. You had an amazing day!

  5. Monday is going to be quite a day for Bill. Please share his reaction to these special, loving gifts. Handmade gifts are the best--and you have produced treasures here.

  6. Linda, yes these are super gifts. I wonder how long they are going to be in Bill's possession. I just bet the girls vie for the blanket, and David will be using the container. I also like batman, because he is more human than other super heroes. Now I'm hoping to hear about the birthday taco party.