Monday, November 22, 2010

Pitiful Portrait: things fall apart

(click to view the melt)
       I read several books and watched DVDs on making fabric portraits. I resisted starting, thinking I didn't have the proper fabrics. But finally I dove in. Do or die. Well, the first and third values, the light and the orange, were off; but I continued. I put netting over the fused fabric and pressed. To my horror, the netting melted and I was left with a deformed piece. What to do. Point out that artists/craftsmen always run into problems. Everyone can be an artist. It is just that artists don't give up. I will no doubt try again, but it is an exhausting pursuit. I will simplify. I don't mind showing the battered 73 year old, mostly at my hand. And I might give up! How could things go so wrong? They always do!!! (Next day:  I can take a paint brush to it!)

        Tomorrow is an early Thanksgiving at our house. I have some Pilgrim hats and some feathers. Hope these excite the children. Another direction for awhile :*


  1. I think it's very interesting, and I recognize Joe right away. I think the right side may be a little more resolved than the left -- but it's terrific!

  2. Ah, Linda, I feel your disappointment all the way out here. But, I'm so glad that you posted the results of a project gone awry. That is the mark of a genuine person who openly lives life to the fullest and shares with all of us the warts and all.

  3. Linda, I think you are off to a good start, frankly! We can't expect near-perfection with the first attempt at a new endeavor, after all. The tulle is usually nylon, which requires a very low heat on the iron. I hope you'll try another soon!

  4. I can always take a paintbrush to it! That can solve all problems!

  5. Nancy says-
    (This is not Joyce, whomever she may be.)
    This is very interesting. I don't think you should abandon it. Keep us posted as you progress.

  6. Linda, we all need a good laugh. Thanks. These laughs don't have to be at someone else's expense, however. I am always proud of you for every artistic WORK you do. This one is no exception. Carry on, Friend. You always succeed in accomplishing something special.You are also a born teacher !