Friday, October 1, 2010

La Pomme Surprise: mini apple ornaments

(click to enlarge)
     I love surprises and winning one is a treat. A few days ago i received a package from France with a set of mini apple ornaments from Apol of La Pomme. Abby Glassenberg posted that Apol, a blog friend, lover of birds, maker of plush flowers, sailboats, fabric books and zines, offered to give away two sets of her mini apple ornaments. Whoever left a comment at Abby’s site would be entered into a drawing. Abby’s random number generator pulled up my name and I received these scent-filled mini ornaments in their stamped vintage ticking fabric bag. 

      I've enjoyed visiting Apol’s blog and her Etsy shop, exploring Apol’s and Abby’s very early postings, interviews and sites they enjoy, while being enticed to learn and create more and more. We who love to work with our hands and hearts are fortunate to enjoy endless Internet offerings. (In such appreciation, I just downloaded more podcasts from and

      Hmmmn. Maybe I should do a giveaway...ask people to comment by a certain date.That could be fun. Thank you, Apol and Abby!


  1. Surprise gift! What a pleasure. I'm making a list of these craft sites to give to our Craft Room Committee at the Christmas bazaar.

  2. Once before when you mentioned these sites, I checked them out. Now I'm inspired to check them out again. It's SOOOO wonderful that you won!

  3. Congratulations! The site couldn't have rewarded a better winner!

  4. What a lovely, lovely prize to win! These are just charming.