Monday, April 26, 2010

NYC missed again: A Journal Quilt

The grandchildren have a Pug and we have a Cocker. It is nice that we can keep the others' dogs when we go out of town. As it turns out, our vacations keep happening on the same weeks and we end up doing the dog sitting. That is what parents do.

However, we were going to tack on a few days at the end of the last vacation (this weekend) to hop down to Manhattan, but no sooner were the bags packed than the NYC weather was reported as rain rain rain for three of our days-to-be there. Marilyn Gay pointed out there are umbrellas on every corner, and I am thinking we are getting "soft."

Remember, journal quilts are a 2-hour exercise, a sketch of a significant event in one's week.


  1. I love the map. What is that little dog looking through the left 'eye'? Is that the pug? How do you think up these things? Umbrellas on every corner. Sounds like NYC. So poetic.

  2. Love that pug peeking through! Such a super way to use "our" subway fabric. I need to do a journal quilt and might concoct one using one of those City Quilter, NYC, fabrics that we bought.

  3. What wonderful fabric with the Manhattan map! Love your journal quilts. "Experienced & wiser" lead to better choices regardless of how much we may want to do something. You'll go there before long.