Monday, April 12, 2010

The Lost Weekend: Perpetual Motion

Kathy, dear friend of 40 years, wrote to ask why she cannot find my recent blog postings. Only while madly sewing some blocks for Katie's Project Hope quilt did my brain catch up to this query to realize that a few days have elapsed since I have posted. Apologies. I don't want to lose my followers. :*)

Granted, there was the birthday party uno for Hannah at our house on Friday, the grandchildren sleepover, the Cambridge Art Association book group discussion on Francis Bacon at 10 the next morning, Hannah's class birthday party dos on Sunday at a gym with 25 lovely children, getting my new website loaded (not yet posted), locating a fast-to-make block pattern for the quilt, then real life. What is missing is a trip to RISD to see the Pat Steir show!

To post something quickly before I head to the wonderful Quilters' Connection tonight, I am uploading my five nautical blocks. Katie's Project Hope theme is the ocean this year. Several of us will contribute blocks made from fabrics provided and Katie will do the difficult work of turning it into a quilt. The fast and easy pattern is called Perpetual Motion. Like the ocean it is and fitting for me.


  1. Love the block, love the fabrics. Wow, and this is one I've seen so many times in Marsha's book and never thought about making it. Now I am dying to do so! Great work!

  2. Love those bright colors! Bright red, dark red. What a weekend. It leaaves me breathless.

  3. "Perpetual motion" is a good description of you. I am amazed at all that you get done in the blink of an eye. Kudos!

  4. WHATEVER YOU MAKE IS FASCINATING TO ME, but I could identify with the perpetual motion in your quilt block AND your life. :)