Saturday, January 26, 2019

Stabilizing Erika in wax and wire

       When we left the last post, Erika needed a backbone or spine. She was made only of wax and kept collapsing. Aluminum wire would solve the problem.

        First, I drew a stick figure and arrows to show the most economical direction to bend the wire. I got tweezers and wire cutters from my workshop. I inserted a bit into my drill exactly the width of the wire. The end of the shaped wire fit exactly in the hole and the stick figure stood up, firmly without glue or staples...just the pine holding it!.

sketch in bottom left of the photo

        Next, I started moving pieces of wax from unstable Erika to the wire figure for her recreation. When needed, I sliced off thin pieces of wax from the block of dark wax with a paring knife.The thin wax was easily warmed by the heat of my hand and placed where needed. No hairdryer was needed for heat. This went quickly. At this point I awaited an invitation to supper so I have Erika pose for me. I felt the first creation was not wasted in that it was a sketch of sorts.

         I could still work on this piece, but it stands and was fun. I made the wire head too large but I wanted to start another figure. The third one will also need some back bone to stand.

         I am not impassioned to sculpt, but I like to try many crafts. When I sit at my vanity table every morning, I prefer to look at the "art" to work on or adjust rather than the mirror! Sculpting for me is almost a meditative craft. It is calming and fitting for the new year. William Shatner said, "You have to create your life. You have to carve it, like a sculpture." (from Brainy Quote) It is a work in progress.


  1. Linda, you never cease to amaze me with your variety of artistic efforts! Great explanation of the sculpting process! DJ

  2. Well, I am still having problems getting Blogger to recognize me! Thus I can't sign in under my name but have to comment anonymously. I wish I could solve this issue. Anyway, enjoyed your post as always. Glad to have more information about this fascinating process of sculpting! This is Alice, by the way! I think you know only one!

  3. Linda! Hurrah !!! Your adve worked!!!!

  4. using the Google search engine since Google sponsors the Blogspot.

  5. I can't get over how flexible Erika is- AND how amazing that you can duplicate it ( in wax- so good you are at following directions). Hip, Hip Hooray

  6. Wonderful! Sculpture, sculptor, and model---especially that wonderful flexible Erika!