Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Kantha has me IN STITCHES...all unfinished

    Simplify is my temporary mantra! In the car on trips or errands, I love to hand-stitch while Joe drives ~ from improvisation to Sashiko (see my April 22, 2012 post). Friend Donna Jean spent time at Quilting on the Lake and returned with ideas on Kantha stitchery from South Asia and Black Embroidery of Elizabethan times. I had to try my hand. When I could not do a stitch, I tried another. You could draw with white pencil, but inventing was more fun. I felt creative! Everyone feels they can do Kantha. Up and down with a needle and thread. I sew with two fabrics together.

    From pockets to pocket books! What to keep my needle, thread and scissors in on a trip for easy access? I happened on Abigail Adams' pockets at the RISD Museum in Rhode Island. I took this photo and sketched a similar pattern about 14" long. These pockets were worn inside and outside skirts. I don't have to unzip  or unsnap anything, and the pocket holds my tools and fabric as I run out the door, am in the car or at a meeting. I used an upholstery remnant, crewel needle and #5 or #8 thread. I am regularly amazed these days that what excites me is of little interest to others; but I wanted to share. At least Hannah (10) wanted the floral effort, and Erika (8) started on skeletons.

     While in NYC last week, we saw the fabulous Matisse Cut-out show. I had, just before leaving, spontaneously cut out fabric for a Boston slice quilt (that is as far as I got)...now what to do? Fix the goose's head for one. I just read in my novel about "coincidence's being a messenger of truth." And again...in NJ we saw Yvonne Well's contemporary narrative quilt cut-outs at the Montclair Art Museum, a magnetic board of fabrics for children/adults to make and quilt and Rayna Gillman. That is half the story, a wonderful experience. I am not mentioning Shiele portraits, The Boys in the Boat, the New Haven museums, Roz Chast in Greenwich, CT. Click on photos to enlarge.

Yvonne Wells'


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    1. Sorry, too many typos in my first comment. Basically what I said was that this is a "rich" post, full of much creativity and clever products. I was privileged to see the white on black embroidery in person, your "slice" of the slice quilt, and the pockets, too. Hmmm, just wonder where you got that nice purple Halloween fabric?

    2. First, I gave Erika a qtr of that purple and she started stitching. Then I took another qtr and made an 80th birthday card (really a pillow with lavender scent, Marimekko back)...have to make my cards! Next, I took a 3rd qtr to Quilters' Connection last night and stitched this during the Modern Quilt program. I showed it to Andrea and told her how close she was to getting it!!! Thanks, Alice for bringing that appropriate fabric to me!

    3. As always, I loved seeing your post. That magnetic quilt is fascinating! That looks as though it would be wonderful to explore. Keep posting! I love reading about what you're doing!!!

  2. Michael was talking this morning to the father of Aaron Norfolk of Boston U art department. Michael asked if you know Aaron.

    Enjoy so much your writing and your creations. Two of the reasons I'm in your fan club!

    1. BU has a fabulous painting faculty! Thanks for Aaron's name.

  3. What a great way to use Kantha embroidery! DJD

  4. Hi Linda,
    Love the hand-stitching...it's sort of like meditating, isn't it? - stitching slowly along (well, I'm slow, anyway) but nevertheless making incremental progress and finally having a wonderful product too. -Ellen

  5. Wow - I am always impressed with your creations. Here, too!

  6. Thanks for your reply to me, Linda! Nice to get the credit for that purple. Maybe I'll go back to that store to see if they still have it (maybe on sale?) and buy a bit more, for ME and well as YOU and ANDREA!!! For next year.....

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