Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Crafty Summer Week: Batman Pillowcase, bracelet, and Reveal Day

    The kids have moved back, 20 minutes away, and are now settled in, very happy. When the girls created sundresses, David preferred a Batman shirt. So far, he is getting a Batman pillowcase. It is a one or two hour job if you follow the fabulous instructions on YouTube.

     I Googled How to Make a Sausage Pillowcase. This is the best explanation I have found for this amusing task. I look forward to making some more for the girls and friends for trips. The size fabrics I bought were: body, 23" x 45"; header, 13" x 45" and accent 2" x 45". When I got home I realized my fabrics were only 42" but everything worked out fine! Click to enlarge the photos.

      That same week, The Beadsprouts learned a new bracelet pattern. It is a lot of fun and easy once you get started. I haven't found any instructions on line. Hannah found it a breeze, but I make a silly mistake every time I pick it up again. I'll make some more and try to come up with instructions. The blue and white bracelets are Nita and Luly's inspiration!

       Also, Material Mavens had their Reveal Day. The theme was CELL. I have already posted on how I used Klimt's CELLS, but you might be interested in further information I added on the connection of science and art back at the end of the 19th C Vienna as well as view about 12 quilts with the challenge topic CELL.


  1. I am happy to see that you are keeping crafty during the heat wave! It is the same here in Syracuse at QBL.

  2. Shorter than usual, but never lame --- Your crafts and abilities are always worth noting :). ss

  3. Linda, I beg to differ with a certain JH! I thought this a newsy and interesting post, and as always, I loved the pictures! I hope to make some pillowcases with my grandchildren in August, and I will for sure use the You Tube instructions that you found to be the best! I always love your posts!

  4. Your pillowcase, your pictures, your new bracelet pattern, all lovely. I saw that Boston was going to sizzle today, so
    keep going crafty