Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hearty Beating: a journal quilt

Click to see naughty errant heart waves.
      I belong to an international 12 x 12 quilt group, The Material Mavens. Every two months we have a new theme chosen by one of the members. It was my turn and I chose "surprise," having no idea what to do. Not one idea came to me. I do love surprises. One should have them at every gathering, dinner party or meetings up...even in blogs and journal quilts. Today was REVEAL day when all show their quilts on the theme.

     Life intervened to save the day, somewhat. I had some wild times with my heart and some good news as well, each happening, positive and negative, a complete surprise to me. I won't bore you with details, but the loud colors, the brash conflicts and softness in the quilt show the two extremes. Previously, in times of Afib thinking, I had quilted and beaded tiny rectangular heart quilts; and this assignment gave me an opportunity to display them. Across the center of the 12 x 12, I sewed some fusible thread in an EKG chart similar to an irregular reading and placed foil over the stitching to iron the iridescent waves.

     The 12 x 12 quilt content is purposefully irregular and needs some balance and resolution but the topic has none. so that is appropriate for my "Surprise" journal quilt. The backing comes over the sides of the front to make the binding or edge.


  1. Linda, once again you REVEALED your clever artistic talent --- love the hearts and the connections and the colors...no surprise there! ss

  2. Loved reading about and seeing it again!

  3. I love that you have used those little rectangles that are so intricate and beautiful. nd

  4. So bright and colorful. Like you, Linda. We hope those nasty afibs will fade away.

  5. Very cleverly done! You shared what you've been experiencing in a wonderfully graphic way. The colors, the EKG line, the "irregular" hearts, all = perfect!