Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowy Day Play: a Hicks collaboration

    What a snow fall we have had. A good excuse to stay inside to craft. Look at the height of snow on our deck table!
     A few days ago, granddaughter asked me to make something for her like the bird journal quilt (see January "Feed the Birds" post). So I took the dog she finished embroidering and the dog I worked along with her (see Archive "Going to the Dogs" post) and put them on a "falling snow" fabric similar to the birds' with the thought of preserving the art on a single pillow. I cut out two squares of fabric to fit a pillow form. With pinking shears, following the fold crease left by the embroidery hoops, I cut out the dog circles. Then I fused (with Wonder Under) the dogs to the red for Hannah's piece and the dark navy for mine. I worked so fast I didn't realize my dog was sewn in maroon. Anyway, I put the two right sides together and added another piece to my side so the pillow could slip in and out, sewed all around, no need for a zipper. After turning back out, I further secured the dog rounds with white floss to match the snow, but am trying to think of a little addition in words or color to suggest the good time we had in snowy January 2011, a label, or a free-motion stitched sentence for this one pillow preserving our two pieces together. Please leave suggestions.
(click to enlarge)
(find the Valentine)


  1. I did find the Valentine. :-) As for a suggestion with regard to what you might label or stitch on the pillow, I'm searching for something that would reflect how you felt and how she communicates about enjoying the various projects that you all do together. Be sure to include your names - Hannah & LinLin - and the date. Love the combo pillow!

  2. I, too, love the pillow, and it was fun to "find the Valentine"! I suggest putting a label on that side of the pillow that SAYS "Find the Valentine", and then on the other one, put Hannah's name or initials and the date she made it. Oh, and put your name and initials on the other side, too. This doesn't really reflect how you felt, but my mind isn't very creative this morning, but it does preserve for posterity when this pillow was made and who made the two sides!

  3. What a wedding cake you have on your patio! I may have found the valentine. Loved the falling snow backgrounds. I think it would be a good idea to date the pillows as Alice suggested at 6:00 in the morning! You might add a couple of lines about what you were doing as the 'woods'...maybe the patio 'fill(ed) up with snow.'

  4. You could say something like, "Love often comes in two's " - followed by yours and Hannah's names and the date. Such a cute idea - the pillow !