Monday, December 20, 2010

Hanukkuh, Maccabees and Ebelskiver: a journal quilt

     This year Hanukkuh came much earlier than Christmas. A few happenings were special to my memories; thus, this journal quilt.
      First, Max pointed out to me that the historical sources for Hanukkuh are not in the Bible or the Talmud but in the books of Maccabees I and II, which are part of the Christian heritage. "Things are mixed," he said. I loved going to my huge family Bible to find Maccabees I and II in the Apocrypha between the Old and New Testaments, with photos and some illustrations by Dore. I also realized that Maccabees I and II can be found in my wonderful Harper Collins Study Bible, New Revised Standard Version.

Click to enlarge
       Next, I wanted to take my usual Beaders' Christmas exchange presents to a gathering before Christmas and during Hanukkuh so that Linda B could have a bit of celebration with us during her holiday. My gift was an ebelskiver skillet that I found at CVS. I got one for each beader for only $10 much fun, a craftsy challenge. I warned the beaders first to Google how to make ebelskivers (little round puff pancakes that can be so much more) to observe some videos.
       Hooray for light and miracles.


  1. How cleverly and beautifully you've captured Hanukkuh and the menorah in this lovely fabric, and then the squares with the big polka dots to represent the fun ebelskiver pan you gave each of the beaders. You amaze me with you ability to combine such events in your life!

  2. Your journal quilt certainly highlights both Hanukkuh and the ebelskiver pan. It's fun to see them so beautifully presented after hearing your comments about both in your emails. Amazing Menorah fabric. And, I so liked the way your friend Max pointed out that "things are mixed."

  3. Wade attended a Hebrew pre-school and sang a special song: Girls: Who saved the temple? Tell me please. Boys: (pointing to themselves)
    We did, we did, the Maccabees!
    Forty-five years ago they didn't worry about sexism.
    I loved the menorahs in the fabric. The red squares. I'm going to look for the ebelskiver
    skillets, although we don't have a CVS here.

  4. "Things are mixed," indeed ! Diversity is one of life's greatest gifts, I think. You, dear Linda, are exceptional at pointing this out in your thinking and your doing. I love your creativity always.