Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wild Week Journal Quilt

  Week before last was a busy time. I made movies with music, went to vehicle events with Joe, planned for a get-a-way trip with the beaders, and daily Afibbed.
   To make a journal quilt to capture the chaos, I chose three symbolic fabrics, stacked them one atop the other, and scored through all fabrics about six lines with my rotary cutter. Then I undid the piles and shuffled the stacks so that the sides matched but the colors varied. I had more piles of alternating fabrics. I was going to sew them all to stack and cut and sew up another direction, but the fabric patterns showed enough disorder that I stopped.
   Again, for a journal quilt, cut top, batting and backing to 10" square and finish at 8" square. Try to capture a significant event or something to remember, once a week. I love my pile of memories. I hope to add the narratives for the journal quilts, as requested, to my website in the not too distant future.


  1. Wild and wonderful! As always, love the symbolism and the creative technique.

  2. That quilt depicts all that you did/were going through perfectly. Love these journal quilts!

  3. I love the piano keys and the musical 'scores'.
    The disorder is exciting. Can't wait for the website.

  4. Cacophony reigned ! You always have an insight into the metaphysical via the physical.