Friday, March 26, 2010

Historic Healthcare, a journal quilt

Abby, creator of the terrific While She Naps blog, said that a blog is an impetus to produce. So true today. I need to set up my big new exciting computer, but I am stopping everything to get out today’s posting. This week’s journal quilt had to be about the Healthcare passage, a historic event.

I have a truncated beachball, not beached, w hints of the Healthcare logo (in all honesty, I didn’t have time to perfect which probably improved the idea for the quilt) all on a stormy sea. I must find a new metaphor for stormy seas in novelty fabrics! A different fabric than felt would have been more difficult for the logo, and I don’t mind these results. I got the journal up in less than the goal of two hours despite the detached scanner awaiting hookup to the new computer. Harried but happy here.


  1. I love your stormy sea idea. I wonder if you painted on this fabric.

  2. The journal quilt is perfect! Glad your computer is almost totally up & running. Proud of you for handling that yourself.

  3. Loved this, Linda! Carolyn and I watched the vote in progress late Sun. night, almost forgetting to turn on the TV in our room. By the way, I find that E Quilter is a good source of fabric and you could probably find more "stormy seas" fabrics there. I've gotten stormy and sunny skies there before!